University Life

Time spent

at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young person's life. This is a time when a student begins to form his or her ideas about life in general. Attending classes and studying in the library keep a student busy and provide him or her with access to valuable information, adding to his or her knowledge base.

Campus life can also be rich and colorful. Most universities offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports events, contests, and other social gatherings, enabling the students to experience relief fi'om study and homework. Students often form lifelong friendships through the varied experiences of university life.

During the time a student spends at university, he not only develops his intellectual ahilites,he also develops social skills as well as knowledge and wisdom necessary for choosing a future career. By learning how to balance intense study and recreation, a student will be well prepared for the challenges of future responsibilities.


'Avoid the rush-hour' must be the slogan of large cities the world over。

If it is, it's a slogan no noe takes the least notice of。 Twice a day, with predictable regularity, the pot boils over。

Wherever you look it's people, people, people。 The trains which leave or arrive every few minutes are packed: an endless procession of human sardine tins。

The streets are so crowded, there is hardly room to move on the pavements。 The queues for buses reach staggering proportions。

It takes ages for a bus to get to you because the traffic on the roads has virtually come to standstill。 Even when a bus does at last arrive, it's so full, it can't take any more passengers。

This whole crazy system of commuting stretches man's resources to the utmost。 The smallest unforeseen event can bring about conditions of utter chaos。

A power-cut, for instance, and exceptionally heavy snowfall or a minor derailment must always make city-dwellers realize how precarious the balance is。 The extraordinary thing is not that people put up with these conditions, but that they actually choose them in preference to anything else。

字串2Large modern cities are too big to control。 They impose their own living conditions on the people who inhabit them。

City dwellers are obliged by their environment to adopt a wholly unnatural way of life。 They lost touch with the land and rhythm of nature。

It is possible to live such an air-conditioned existence in a large city that you are barely conscious of the seasons。 A few flowers in a public park(if you have the time to visit it) may remind you that it is spring or summer。

A few leaves clinging to the pavement may remind you that it is autumn。 Beyond that, what is going on in nature seems totally irrelevant。

All the simple, good things of life like sunshine and fresh air are at a premium。 Tall buildings blot out the sun。

Traffic fumes pollute lost。 The flow of traffic goes on unceasingly and the noise never stops。

The funny thing about it all is that you pay dearly for the 'privilege' of living in a city。 The demand for accommodation is so great that it is often impossible for ordinary people to buy a house of their own。

Exorbitant rents must be paid for tiny flats which even country hens would disdain to live in。 Accommodation apart, the cost of living is very high。

Just about everything you buy is likely to be more expensive than it would be in the country。 字串8In addition to all this, city-dwellers live under constant threat。

The crime rate in most citis is very high。 House are burgles with alarming frequency。

Cities breed crime and violence and are full of places you would be afraid to visit at night。 If you think about it, they're not really fit to live in at all。


I still remember the day when I first came to the college。

Being a boy of 17, I was longing for a new life as a college student, at the same time I had no idea about what college life would be like。 That morning when the bus carried me to the gate of the college, I was so excited that my heart was beating very fast as if it would leap out of my mouth。

From now on,I would be a student of this college。 After registration,we were led by an instructor to the dormitory,where,for the first time, we were going to live without our parents but with roommates。

I was so clumsy that I did not know how to make the bed and fix the mosquito net。 In the afternoon, I took a walk around the campus together with my roommates。

To think of studying in such a beautiful place made me feel quite proud of myself。As we were walking along, talking and laughing, a voice came into our ears, "Oh,look at these freshmen!"。

They were our upperclassmen , We continued our tour of the college,inspecting every building and every garden until the sun began to set。 In the evening,we sat together, talking about the past and the future。

We were so excited that no one wanted to go to bed。



i am a student in campus and my major is music. It has been three years since i entered this university. Here i get more closer to my dream the music since i was in high school i have been preoccupied with the music It provided me many inspirations and passion Now i can afford time enjoy many kinds of musics. After class i always play basketball.Except eatting and sleeping I spend most of my time learning the music history and listening every kinds of musics .It includes not only the classic the pop but also the jazz the blues and the hip-hop .When i am listening music my heart is serene ,everything fades away in my mind, only the nature remains.In order to find a job related with music i have many things to do. I will spare no efforts to enhance my music taste and if possible i want to become a musician. I am aware that it is not easy job but i like challenge. 二。I was so excited when i entered the college. For so many years, I worked hard to achieve this dream and finally i made it. Everything seemed fresh and curious to me. I was so pleased that I would enjoy my college life soon. when i was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to.Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldn't play with my friends a lot, which I couldn't stand the most. In a word, all i did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination. However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school.I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind.In my free time, I also join some clubs,where i can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself. I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, i can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live independently.College provides me with a stage where i can show myself and be myself.。


I would like to say a few words to you freshmen, which I hope would be helpful to you. To begin with, the change of ideas is of most importance for freshmen to adapt themselves to campus life. During the middle school days, we usually depend upon our teachers at school and parents at home. However, the life and study on university campus features independence, which is essential to our psychological development. In my view, we had better always bear in mind the idea of independence. What's more, English learning is a must. On one hand, without CET 4 certificate, we can not get our degree when we graduate from university. On the other hand, when we hunt for job, English level is a deciding factor. Therefore, I do hope that all of you will have a good understanding of the necessity of learning English well. Good Luck to you! 建议新生:我想对你说几句话新生,我希望会对你有帮助。






6.英语作文 大学趣事


Interesting Things at College We all are very aware of the fact that college students work hard, dedicate themselves, and find little time for relaxation. Many use their extra time to work outside of college or perhaps enjoy a sporting event or two. Every place has a bit of humor attached to it or our existence would be very boring. College students find that humor really lights up once in awhile perhaps in an announcement or by a lecture by one of the teachers. In any case we thought that it might prove to be interesting to put out a bit of humor that some of the college students have encountered over the years. Please still laugh even if you heard these jokes before, ha, ha, my boss might be listening. Every year the Dean address's the freshmen class about the dormitory rules. The rules are simply put guys stay out of the girl's dorm and girls stay out of the guy's dorm. This year the Dean added that the facility had decided to fine anyone who breaks the rule. The first offense he stated will cost you $25, the second offense will cost you $50 and the third time will cost you a much heftier fine of $200. Then he ended by asking if there were any questions? One of the boys piped up, “How much for a season pass?” At that the Dean realized the fining would not be appropriate. Next we are going to go to one of the favorite places that normally everyone attends on campus beside the cafeteria it is the Computer Lab. Now the Computer Lab can be very scary and intimidating for those of us who are not very computer savvy. Those who are familiar with the surroundings using the lab on a day to day basis are apt to poke fun or become annoying just distract or cause us to lose computer time. Computer Lab Annoying Tips Type very frantically, then stop, and look at the person next to you with an evil glean in your eye. Complain to the monitor on duty that your computer will not work, but make sure that it is turned off first. Why not connect each computer to a different screen than the one it's set up with to find out the expressions on the faces of others. You can write a program that plays the theme song of one of the old TV programs like Green Acres and play it over and over at a very high volume. One of the most frightening things to the person next to you is to ask them if they know how to type into the top secret files at the Pentagon. Then tell them you do can you use their terminal for a while. These are really corny ways to be annoying but some people find that just reading them makes a person laugh.。


06 years I follow capital city medicine department university. The university life is substantial.I mastered how to study here, how is a person, how consider, how work. Our courses study a medical science to examine us to have a lot of experiment lessons not much everyday, testing lesson very abundant, there is dissection animal, bio-chemical experiment, the vein takes blood.The lesson remaining years lives an inside, the student association organized a lot of take class as unit to compete, have a singer to fill greatly, skip rope a game etc., everyday the tube of the book is I night the place of the self-study, I learned a lot of lessons to could not go to school originally over there of knowledge, opened widely visual field.The university life will be a precious recollection in my life X年我步入首都医科大学. 大学生活很充实.在这里我学会了如何学习,如何做人,如何思考,如何做事. 每天我们的课程不多,学习医学检验我们有很多的实验课,实验课很丰富,有解剖动物,生化实验,静脉取血.课余生活里,学生会组织了很多以班级为单位的比赛,有歌手大塞,跳绳比赛等等,每天图书管是我晚自习的地方,在那里我学到了很多课本上学不 到的知识,拓宽了视野.大学生活会是我人生中珍贵的回忆.。




Life is a long,long journey. College life is the most beautiful movement in my life. This time of life is cheerful and enjoyable. At university I learn to recharge my battery and reposition myself. Learning is one thing that goes though all one's life, and the circumstance of university is quite in favor of study. So how could not I absorb more and more knowledge at my prime time for learning? As for me, to some extent, I learn much from my classmates and lecturers who filled with rich knowledge, especially from my roommates, They play a paramount important role on my English study. We get up early to read English and chat with each other in English.Therefore my English improves a lot. Even more I meet many people who like to learn, which is the way to make an interesting sacial experience and develop communication skills with them. Meanwhile I equip myself with knowledge Also, I learn to be strong and brave. In the past I was so timid that I can't speak to strange persons. When I was in trouble, I felt frustrated. What's more, I can't make myself adopt to the new surrendings. But now when I meet with difficulties and failure, I on longer turn to others for help because I know that a person who can help me in the future is myself and the poor situations improves as well. And I also remember the saying the best has been made even better. I will think twice why I will fail and I will try my best to find out the reason, not to be blue or disappointed. I also know the true meaning of tolerance, consideration and forgiveness. Furthermore, I try to do something that I am not interested in. This society appreciate all-around person. Just like British statesman W.Churchill put it, “it is no use doing what you like, you have got to like what you do.” Now I take to life at university like a duck to water. I always consider that inside each and everyone of us at the very core of our being is a winner wating to be awaked and unleashed upon the world. I will keep persuiting. Otherwise how can I awaken my inside winner?。


我的大学生活(英文版) My Dream College Life I just entered college in September, college life is brand new concept for me. As a freshman of the school, I would dream my college life as following. First, I believe I will work hard to achieve my academic goal. I want to major in accounting because I believe accounting is the language of business. Accounting is a very important concept for each businessman. As the result, I believe a career in accounting will provide me a higher living standard and better life in my future. However,college life should be fun and unforgettable in additional to study. I believe joining clubs and participate in different activities will be good for me. First of all, I can expand my network through the activities and the clubs I participate. I can make friends over there. Second, I wish I can hold some positions in some clubs that related to my accounting major. The reasons for that are following: (1) meet more people who have the same interest as me, listen to their advice will be good for my academic development. (2) we can exchange information about the major, so we can improve ourselves. (3) holding a position means taking responsibility. It is very important on the resume because the employers will take consideration on this part. I believe great college life means outstanding academic performance and joyful extra curriculum activities!。


University life is a critical stage. This is because the university is that you finally lay down the burden of college entrance examination for the first time to start chasing its own ideals, interests. This is to leave your family life, for the first time to participate in independent groups and social life. This is not you, or simply to learn to recite books on the theory of knowledge, for the first time have the opportunity to study the theory of hands-on at the same time. This is the first time that you are no longer arranged by parents living and learning in all, but there is enough freedom to dispose of life and learning encountered various problems of their own at the disposal of all time. University life is a critical stage. This is because this is the life for the last time you had the opportunity to receive education in a systematic manner. This is the last time you can devote to build your knowledge base. This may be the last time you can be great time for the learning stage of life, or it may be the last to have a high plasticity, to focus on self-enrichment of growth. This may be your last time in the relative tolerance, which may be outside learning style, the way an ideal environment. University life is a critical stage. At this stage, all college students should take seriously each of the "first time" so that they become the cornerstone of life; at this stage, all college students have to cherish each and every "last" not to let themselves in the near Zhuihuimoji future. University in four years, we should strive for themselves weaving dreams of life, the struggle for a clear direction, laying the foundation for the cause. University for four years everybody is only one four-year university should be spent doing 。

。 I remember in the office assistant at Columbia University, the Chinese position had parents complain to me: "You teach the university in the end what? Child I read a sophomore computer science, even had VisiCalc [1] will not be used . "At that time, I replied:" The rapid development of computers. Where there is no guarantee that the teaching of the University of Technology in any of the five years are still relevant, we can not guarantee that every student can learn techniques and tools. We can to ensure that the Yes, your child will learn to think and learn to master the method, so that after five years, no matter what kind of new technology or new tools, your child can easily. "Then she asked:" Science education is not up-to-date software , That the essence of education, what is it? "I replied:。

4.英语作文: working life and university life 300字左右

As everybody knows,the life in university is of great difference from that in high school.You don't have to spend all your energy on your study.You will have much more spare time when entering university.There are plenty of associations organized by students on high grade,such as Guitar Association.Art Association,English Association,Film Association.You can join an association which you are interested in so as to make your life in university lovely and interesting.

University is not only a place where you can learn something useful from textbooks,but also a place where you can improve your ability to communicate with others.Don't be shy or nervous.All you have to do is speaking louder when you are standing before a great many people.


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